First 8 Studios

First 8 Studios, at WGBH, is dedicated to building quality educational media for children, their parents and teachers. My work with the First 8 team includes design, sketching, rapid prototyping, user experience, user interface, and an extensive amount of user testing. Each game is a collaborative project where I work alongside learning scientists, content advisors, preschool teachers and administrators. The project began as Next Generation Preschool Math, and four years of iterative research and development produced a technology curriculum, a digital teacher's guide, learning apps, and more than 40 hands-on, non-digital preschool activities. Our math apps, a suite of 8 games called "Early Math with Gracie and Friends," launched on Apple's App Store in 2014. We are currently working a similar suite of games focused on a science curriculum, to be launched in the next year.

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